All forms must now be electronically filed, except for the Form 8300 and the CMIR (FinCEN Form 105), which can be filed in paper form, but businesses are highly encouraged to file them electronically (except for the FBAR), which is very easy and gives you instant confirmation of receipt.  To register for electronic filing go to the BSA E-Filing System and select the “Become a BSA E-Filer” button.  If you are a business that files 8300s, when they ask for your regulator, yours would be “IRS (Internal Revenue Service).”  All others must be filed electronically and are not available in paper form.  They will not be accepted in paper form.  Below are the last revised paper versions that were available before the conversion to electronic.  These are only here for your convenience to look at and review. 

FinCEN Form 101—SAR -SF (SAR for Securities and Futures Industries)
FinCEN Form 102—SAR-C (SAR for Casinos)
FinCEN Form 103—CTR-C (Currency Transaction Report by Casinos)
FinCEN Form 104—CTR (Currency Transaction Report by Depository Institutions)
FinCEN Form 107—Registration for Money Services Business
FinCEN Form 109—SAR-MSB (SAR by Money Service Businesses & Precious Metals Industry)
FinCEN Form 110—Designation of Exempt Person

FinCEN Form 110 – Electronic Filing Instructions
TD F 90-22.1—FBAR (Foreign Bank Account Report)

Publication 1544 – Reporting Cash Payments of over $10,000


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Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)
Information on Money Service Businesses (MSBs)
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), SDN list
OFAC search tool

IRS Web Site