Client Testimonials

Following are a few of the comments submitted by clients for whom NACS, Inc. conducts business.  Please feel free to contact any of these individuals for further comment.


It is a pleasure working with Ray Gregson and his company, National Association for Compliance & Security, since about 2016 and someone else in the company since 2013.  During this time period, Ray has been extremely helpful in keeping JM Bullion educated and compliant with all AML regulations.  Once a year, Ray travels to JM Bullion’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas, to conduct training and answer any questions from JM Bullion’s ENTIRE team regarding the AML rules and regulations. It is important to note that not only does AML training affect our Accounting/Compliance team, but it also affects all customer-facing departments.  After educating our team, Ray reviews and grades an AML refresher quiz that all employees are required to complete annually, and then reviews every question with all personnel until the correct answer is clearly understood.  And the quiz each year is actual situations that took place in dealer shops all over the country.  I know of no other consultant in this business who uses actual situations as their training quiz each year.  Ray not only instructs on AML rules & regulations and cash reporting requirements, but he also provides real life examples of money laundering issues he has experienced throughout our industry and during his 28 years as a senior special agent and money laundering expert with IRS, Criminal Investigation.

During his annual visit, Ray performs an independent audit by reviewing transactions over the past year that could have potentially lead to the filing of a Form 8300.  He also reviews all Forms 8300 that JM Bullion has filed during the 12-month audit period and confirms that we have followed all of the necessary steps.  Upon completion of the audit, Ray supplies JM Bullion with an AML Audit Report package, that completely satisfies all constituencies to which JM Bullion reports its annual AML audit findings.

Mr. Gregson is extremely knowledgeable, and it is clear he has been heavily involved with AML issues and practices for quite some time.  He is always available throughout the year to answer questions and ensuring that JM Bullion is continuously up-to date and AML compliant.  And he provides insight on transactional situations for which JM Bullion seeks guidance.  Also, regardless of how many times you call him during the year, he rarely fails to answer his phone and has never charged a fee for speaking with a client.  It is part of his service to his clients.

As a leading online retailer of precious metals, it is crucial that we receive the best guidance and that we remain compliant with all AML rules & regulations. With Mr. Gregson, JM Bullion is confident that we have both.  JM Bullion has been more than happy with all of the services Ray provides through his company and highly recommends him to any company seeking the best AML guidance and independent audit services available.

Bert Byerley
JM Bullion, Inc.
Director of Finance
(972) 666-7795


I had the pleasure of meeting Ray in March 2012, when he provided training for the entire staff at American Federal, tested our safeguards and controls, and audited our AML Program to ensure we were compliant, with regard to the AML regulations and the USA PATRIOT Act. Not only was Ray thorough in his audit, but incredibly knowledgeable on the rules and regulations governed by IRS and FinCEN. He provided extensive insight to us as a precious metals dealer, as he continuously does on a regular basis.  Periodically throughout the year, I receive an email from Ray keeping me up to date of new changes to the guidelines as well as reminders of things I must do to stay compliant.

Interesting enough, when I first met Ray he told me that many precious metal dealers did not utilize his service, which he couldn’t understand because banks place very high regard to his reports and his audits could help prevent a company from having their bank account closed for no reason at all.  I was a bit reluctant by this, thinking it was a mere “sales pitch”, but soon was told by my bank that they were in fact closing many coin dealer accounts, but we were safe because we provided them with our “AML Plan” and “AML Independent audit report” on an annual basis.

Additionally, I feel fortunate to work with Ray because I continuously find myself emailing him with questions or concerns I might have, which arise throughout the year.  I have the assurance that I am receiving the best and correct information.  He is always quick to respond and thoroughly.  I highly recommend Ray Gregson as a business partner to help remain compliant with the AML regulations and the USA PATRIOT Act

Michele Sapero, CPA, COO
American Federal Rare Coin & Bullion


We began business in the middle of 2010 and did not believe we were required to comply with the AML Regulations or have an AML Program.  A year later…we received a short, curt notice from our bank that all of our accounts would be closed in 60 days if we did not produce an AML Plan (Policies and Procedures manual) and an independent audit report.  Our deposits, which increased with the rise of silver & gold prices as well as an increase in business, had raised red flags.  Fearing that we may be conducting business with “undesirables,” they would not do business with us without an AML Program. PANIC!!

Ray was recommended by another dealer who is very happy with the services he receives.  Although extremely busy, once Ray became aware of the extremely short time frame we had been given, he worked during his vacation to quickly and efficiently provide us with an AML Plan, the required training, and an independent audit report… WOW!! With Ray’s background, he also pointed out some accounting procedures that will help us in the event of an IRS compliance exam and also during an independent review… Needless to say, Ray’s recommendations were quickly implemented!

Ray is very friendly and quick to answer any questions or concerns.  He also showed extreme patience with our lack of knowledge regarding these issues and other governmental regulations.  We would, with great confidence, whole heartedly recommend Ray to anyone who requires assistance with AML or cash-reporting issues.

John Hancock
Silver Bay Coin & Bullion
(321) 242-0205

Lois and I attended Ray seminar at the FUN Show and we can assure you it was well worth the time and travel expense to do so. We can also assure you that the fee for his services, knowledge and expertise is well worth the investment.  During the seminar we immediately recognized the true value of the service Ray offers.  Coin dealers who don’t understand AML compliance may lose money by refusing to conduct transactions that are perfectly acceptable.  They will also risk the serious consequences for conducting transactions that fail to comply with the AML regulations.  This is a no-brainer. If you are trading in bullion, give yourself the peace of mind of working with a real professional.  You’ll be glad you did.

Stephen L. Goldsmith
American Paper Money & Coin, LLC

Ray has conducted our annual anti-money laundering (AML) services (independent audit and training) for my business since the regulations became effective in January 2006.  He supplies us a with an audit report that is professionally written and details his findings, comments, and any corrective measures.  He has also trained our entire staff each year.  Ray also came in the day prior to an IRS exam to be certain that our records were in order. The IRS auditor stated that our records were in perfect order and the AML program was as good as she has ever seen.

Ray is also available to us 24/7 for answering critical questions concerning transactions being conducted.  If he does not answer his cell phone, he gets back in touch with us within 1 hour. Although I know Ray has many other clients, he makes me feel as though Lear Capital is his only client.

Ray is extremely professional and competent in the services he performs.  I would recommend him to anyone and any industry that is required to comply with the AML Regulations and wants to be and remain fully compliant.

Kevin DeMerritt
Lear Capital, Inc.

Ray Gregson has been conducting our AML independent audit since about 2009.  We are fortunate to have him train myself and my staff on the issues & importance of the AML regulations and cash reporting.  His yearly audit of our records has been extremely valuable.  Ray’s knowledge of and experience with the AML regulations and cash reporting is second to none and we are always prepared and compliant.  Ray’s professional approach gives me the confidence that my company is properly trained and ready for any situation that we may be presented with during a workday.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Ray to anyone who is in need of an AML Program.

Barry Stuppler
Stuppler & Company
(888) 454-0444

If you care about your business and your future, then you know how important it is to do things right. And after all, I am a coin dealer, not an accountant or attorney, and it is my job to buy and sell coins. That said, there are laws and rules that regulate my behavior and I need a professional to protect my interests and to make sure I do things right.

That is why when the government passed the USA PATRIOT Act and included provisions for the coin industry, I immediately got in touch with Ray Gregson. We discussed my business and he proceeded to develop an AML Program just for HCC, Inc. A few months after the plan was completed, Ray made a visit to my company in Toledo, Ohio, to conduct an independent review of my procedures as far as my plan and business activities were concerned and to put on a training session for all of my employees.

This has been an annual event to keep HCC in line with regulations related to the USA PATRIOT Act, and it affords me a wonderful peace of mind. I would strongly recommend Ray to anyone who has to deal with governmental regulations, as his experience is invaluable. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions.

Howard C. Cook, Jr., President
HCC, Incorporated

As a company that has had prior experience regarding complications that can arise if one does not comply with the rules and regulations of filing specific forms, when the USA PATRIOT Act and then the final rule concerning the AML Requirements for our industry were established, we were very concerned and wanted to make sure we took appropriate measures to become compliant. Mr. Ray Gregson has greatly helped Silver Towne comply with all of these regulations.  Ray first offered so much insight to our company when he spoke at the FUN Show in Orlando, Florida.  I was very impressed with Ray’s knowledge of the newly enacted AML regulations and precious-metals background.  I along with our compliance officer at that time, decided we would have Ray create an AML Program specifically designed for our company.

Ray has been great to develop an AML Program for our company and has been helping Silver Towne with compliance issues for three years now. He is available for questions or concerns during most hours of the day. The compliance officer or any other employee can e-mail or call him and can get an answer within a very short time period.  I recently had to call Ray with a situation that needed immediate attention and his expertise on how to handle it.  When I called him I was not surprised that he answered his cellphone right away, but was surprised when I found out that he was in the country of Poland.  I thought that was extraordinary service to us.

Recently, when the IRS performed an 8300 compliance audit of our company, Ray came to our company the day before to make sure we had all the appropriate reports and forms available for the IRS.  Ray stayed at Silver Towne until the audit was complete and there were no problems or violations found, thanks to him.

Ray is very enjoyable to work with. He is very friendly and very open to any questions we may have.  He devotes so much to our company, that it seems as though we are the only business that matters. I would recommend Ray to any precious-metals dealer or other establishment with pleasure and confidence. If you should have any questions concerning Ray or the services he performs for Silver Towne, please do not hesitate to call me or our compliance officer, Todd Huth.

David Hendrickson, General Partner
Silver Towne L.P.
765-584-7481 or 1246