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What Services Do We Offer?

NACS provides the following services (as well as others that may arise on a case-by-case basis):

  • Preparing new (or updating existing) AML Policies and Procedures manuals (AML Plans)
  • Training on AML/BSA┬áCompliance, money-laundering laws & regulations and related matters
  • Consulting services on all AML/BSA and money-laundering matters for all financial institutions (banks, credit unions, etc.); NBFI – Non-Bank Financial Institutions, i.e. (MSBs, precious metals dealers (including coin dealers), auto dealers, securities dealers, insurance companies, etc.); U.S. and other government agencies; and all law-enforcement agencies (Local, State or Federal)
  • Litigation support and Expert-Witness testimony in civil and criminal cases
  • Speakers and/or instructors on many topics for training programs, conferences and┬áseminars
  • Advice for news media researching stories on money-laundering and/or tax-evasion cases or when seeking an expert comment on breaking news stories
  • Discreet financial investigations and analysis in the areas of fraud, embezzlement, tax issues, conspiracies, money laundering and many other matters